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Marwan Al-Zarouni CISSP is currently pursuing a Doctor of Information Technology award at Edith Cowan University. Mr. Al-Zarouni has extensive experience in the areas of information security management, network security and computer forensics.

He has written a number of academic papers and presented them in such conferences as the Australian Information Warfare & Security Conference, the Australian Computer, Network & Information Forensics Conference and the Australian Information Security Management Conference.

He holds a Masters Degree in Information Security and Intelligence from Edith Cowan University and a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Computer Science from the prestigious Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. He also holds the highly regarded professional certification of Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Mr. Al-Zarouni held a number of positions in non-profit information technology and security organizations including the Founding Board Member and the Web Development Team Leader at Emirates Internet Association (EIA). He is currently the post graduate representative for SCISSA at ECU.

Mr. Al-Zarouni was the keynote speaker at an E-commerce Opportunities Conference held in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates and more recently at the 21st NLC National Education Conference held in Perth, Western Australia. Awards wise, Marwan was the winner of the Best Paper Award at the 4th Australian Information Security Management Conference. Academically, Mr. A-Zarouni has developed and taught a web technologies class at the Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai and tutored a computer security class at Edith-Cowan University in Western Australia.

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