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Marwan Al-Zarouni Speaks at the Second AISA Perth Branch Meeting

29 02 2008

Perth, Western Australia - Marwan Al-Zarouni was selected to be the speaker at the Australia Information Security Association (AISA) Perth Branch Meeting held on Tuesday 26 February 2008. Symantec sponsored the meeting including the venue, food and refreshments.

29 AISA members and their guests attended this meeting which was held in the Old Melbourne Hotel in Perth CBD. The meeting started with a welcome speech by Steve Schupp from AISA and Symantec. This was followed by Marwan Al-Zarouni’s speech and was followed by a question and answer session. Drinks and light snacks were presented after that to the attendees.

For more information about the meeting or to download the presentation please visit the meeting’s webpage below:


For information about future meetings of AISA please visit the events page at:


AISA Incorporated was formed in 1999. Branches exist in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and, from 2008, in Perth. AISA currently has more than 700 members. For more information about AISA or to join please visit the AISA website:


Marwan Al-Zarouni’s iPhone Paper Wins Best Presentation Award

5 12 2007


Perth, Western Australia - Marwan Al-Zarouni’s iPhone hacking paper titled “Taxonomy of iPhone SIM Unlocking and Activation Methods” won the Best Presentation Award as voted by the delegates attending the 5th Australian Information Security Management Conference. The presentation was held in a lecture theatre where the delegates had a hands-on access to the iPhones and their unlocking and activation tools and they were able to ask questions in a discussion based presentation. The paper was co-authored and co-presented by Mr. Haitham Al-Hajri who presented the Turbo SIM Method to the audience.

5th Australian Digital Forensics Conference

4 12 2007

Perth, Western Australia - Marwan Al-Zarouni presented two conference papers at the 5th Australian Digital Forensics Conference held on the 3rd of December 2007. The first paper was titled “Introduction to Mobile Phone Flasher Devices and Considerations for their Usage in Mobile Phone Forensics“. It provided the attendants with an overview of mobile phone flasher devices and their use for servicing mobile phones, their illegitimate uses and their use in mobile forensics. The paper was contained under the “Mobile Forensics” stream of the conference. It was held in the main lecture hall of the conference and was attended by academics, law enforcement representatives, and University students from Australia and abroad.

The second paper was titled “A Proof-of-Concept Project for Utilizing U3 Technology in Incident Response” which was a research-in-progress paper based on Al-Zarouni’s award winning paper from last year’s conference titled “The Reality of Risks from Consented use of USB Devices“. It was written after feedback from a number of law enforcement agents who wanted to utilize the auto-run feature of the U3 Technology for live computer forensics. The paper was co-authored by Mr. Haitham Al-Hajri who conducted the forensic testing and tool selection for the paper. The paper serves as a foundation on which further development is required to produce a fully automated live forensics USB stick to be used by non-technical law enforcement officers attending to a digital crime scene.

Marwan Al-Zarouni Wins Best Paper Award

6 12 2006

Best Paper Award

Perth, Western Australia - Marwan Al-Zarouni’s paper titled “The Reality of Risks from Consented use of USB Devices” won the Best Paper Award at the 4th Australian Information Security Management Conference held in Perth, Australia held on 5 December 2006.

The conference papers represented different universities from across Australia as well as included presenters from Greece, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Finland. Delegates and guests of honor came from as far as the United States.

For more information about the conference award winners please refer to the following link:


The Conferences Website can be found here:


A complete list of the papers and presenters can be found here:


An overview of the conference can be found here:


4th Australian Digital Forensics Conference

5 12 2006

Perth, Western Australia - Marwan Al-Zarouni presented a paper highlighting the issues with mobile phone forensics at the 4th Australian Digital Forensics Conference held in Perth, Western Australia on the 4th of December 2006.The paper was titled “Mobile Handset Forensic Evidence: A challenge for Law Enforcement”.  This paper examined the nature of evidence on mobile phones and some of the emerging technologies and their potential impact on mobile phone evidence. The paper also covered the inherent differences between mobile phone forensics and computer forensics. It also highlighted some of the weaknesses of mobile forensic toolkits and procedures and the need for more in depth examination of mobile phone evidence.

The conference website is here:
A complete list of presenters and papers can be found here:

21st NLC National Education Conference

4 07 2006

Perth, Western Australia - Mr. Marwan Al-Zarouni was the keynote speaker at the 21st Annual NLC National Education Conference held in Perth, Western Australia. Mr. Al-Zarouni’s speech was entitled “Idea of Power and the Power of Ideas”.

This year was special for all international students in Australia because NLC turned 21! This year the theme for the conference was Student Representation, Student Support: Towards Better Welfare.

Mr. Al-Zarouni’s speech discussed the importance of meetings like NLC where people from different cultures discussed common issues effecting them. The importance of breaking cultural boundaries and enabling not agreement but rather understanding of others point of view was emphasized.

This NLC lecture discussed the current state of the world and the value of information in it. The aim of the lecture was to enable international students to gain a perspective on the news and global events that they might have not had before. Better understanding of global events will better equip international students and future leaders of corporations and nations in attacking the challenges that they might face in the information age.

Conference Explores E-Commerce Openings for UAE Women

23 12 2002

DUBAI, UAE - The senior students of E-Commerce and Business Information Technology Programme at Sharjah Women’s College (SWC) yesterday hosted a conference on ‘E-commerce opportunities for emirati women in the UAE’. Students from all the women’s colleges of Higher Colleges of Technology participated in the conference which also had panel discussions and lectures by eminent business leaders from public and private sectors in Dubai and Sharjah.

Marwan Al Zarouni, the Web Development Team Leader at Emirates Internet Association, in his keynote address briefed the students on the history of the Internet in the UAE, statistics of online business, opportunity that internet creates for people in general and for women in business and home life.

The keynote address was followed by a panel discussion by eminent businessmen including Rashid Al Leem, Director-General of Hamriyah Free Zone, Khalid Al Kaf, General Manager at Etisalat4me, Salem Al Shair, Director of e-Services at e-Government, and Paul Kuruez, Curriculum leader at e-Commerce at HCT, who discussed several issues including the job opportunities that are available for emirati women specially for e-Commerce graduates.

An exhibition selling variety of products from different brands such as beauty, CDs and gifts was held alongside the conference, offering students the opportunity and importance of online business and its benefits for their business. In addition, the exhibition was aimed at exhibiting the skills of the emirati women in the area of e-Commerce and the various opportunities available to them in the field. A web store created for the SWC campus shop by students was also opened yesterday. Noor Al Qassimi, a year three student of e-Commerce programme at SWC, was honoured for designing the college web site.

Dubai Internet City Establishes Emirates Internet Association (EIA)

3 07 2000

Dubai Internet City establishes Emirates Internet Association

Dubai, UAE - Dubai Internet City has announced the establishment of the Emirates Internet Association (EIA) which is the first such association in the UAE.
His Highness Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum will chair the new association.
Making the announcement today, Sheikh Maktoum said, “ Dubai Internet City is proud to announce the establishment of the Emirates Internet Association (EIA). The association is the first of it’s kind in the UAE and its mission will be to support and co-ordinate the usage of the Internet that will penetrate both individual and corporate information technology developments.”Sheikh Maktoum who gave an overview of the new association said, “the objectives will be to spread awareness and build interest in the use of the Internet, to educate and develop young people’s IT skills in conjunction with other educational institutions, to link people’s knowledge in this field by sharing and networking with each other, to provide the latest updates on world wide internet activities and to support the Arabic region as it steps into the information age.”

The temporary administrative office of the association will be opened at the new campus of the American University in Dubai, and the permanent base will be in new premises of Dubai Internet City by October and the association is planning to open other branches in future.Mr. Abdul Baset Al Janahi from Dubai Internet City who is vice-president of the association said that the members are meet this week and form a steering committee that will work on the procedures policies and by laws of the association.The board of directors consist of: His Highness Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the president of EIA, Abdul Baset Al Janahi the vice-president, Hesham Al-Qaizi, Board coordinator and the members are Nassir Hassan Al-Sheikh,Khalid Al-Gaith, Marwan Al-Naqi, Najla Al-Midfa, Aysha Butti, Hamad Abdullah, Marwan Al-Zarooni,Fahad Al Mahmood, Maryam Abdulrahman and Abdulrahman Al-Serkal.