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Web Projects

  • Marwan.com:
    • Marwan’s Science and Technology Blog: Bringing you the latest information on gadgets, the Internet and scientific research.
  •  MySecured.com:
    • Covering Mobile Phone Forensics, Information Security and Computer Security.
    • UAE Hackers’ one stop shop for security and hacking news, podcasts, exploits and links.
  • TheUAE.com:
    •  Blogging news, events, developments, conferences and life in Dubai and The United Arab Emirates.
  • UAETeam.com:
    •  UAE’s First Car Racing Blog. UAE Team is a group of car and quad bike racing enthusiasts from UAE, USA and Australia.
  • UAEStudent.info:
    • The official website of UAE Students in Perth, Western Australia. It is also an informative website for Students from the UAE wanting to study in Australia.
  • ECUIS.info:
    • The official website of Edith Cowan University’s Islamic Society.


Official Club Websites

The following websites are websites that Marwan Al-Zarouni established for Football Clubs in the United Arab Emirates. The maintenance of these websites was proudly handed over to the capable hands of the officials of each of the clubs listed below.

  • AlAhliClub.com:
    • The official website of Al Ahli Club was the first official football club website in the United Arab Emirates. The club’s official forum and very popular fan site can be found here.
  • AlNasrClub.com:
    •  The official website of Al Nasr Club is an actively maintained website that is fully supported by the club and its fans.