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  • Marwan Al-Zarouni Speaks at the Second AISA Perth Branch Meeting
  • 29 02 2008

    Perth, Western Australia - Marwan Al-Zarouni was selected to be the speaker at the Australia Information Security Association (AISA) Perth Branch Meeting held on Tuesday 26 February 2008. Symantec sponsored the meeting including the venue, food and refreshments.
    29 AISA members and their guests attended this meeting which was held in the Old Melbourne Hotel in […]

  • Marwan Al-Zarouni’s iPhone Paper Wins Best Presentation Award
  • 5 12 2007

    Perth, Western Australia - Marwan Al-Zarouni’s iPhone hacking paper titled “Taxonomy of iPhone SIM Unlocking and Activation Methods” won the Best Presentation Award as voted by the delegates attending the 5th Australian Information Security Management Conference. The presentation was held in a lecture theatre where the delegates had a hands-on access to the iPhones and […]

  • 5th Australian Digital Forensics Conference
  • 4 12 2007

    Perth, Western Australia - Marwan Al-Zarouni presented two conference papers at the 5th Australian Digital Forensics Conference held on the 3rd of December 2007. The first paper was titled “Introduction to Mobile Phone Flasher Devices and Considerations for their Usage in Mobile Phone Forensics“. It provided the attendants with an overview of mobile phone flasher devices […]

  • Marwan Al-Zarouni Wins Best Paper Award
  • 6 12 2006

    Perth, Western Australia - Marwan Al-Zarouni’s paper titled “The Reality of Risks from Consented use of USB Devices” won the Best Paper Award at the 4th Australian Information Security Management Conference held in Perth, Australia held on 5 December 2006.
    The conference papers represented different universities from across Australia as well as included presenters from Greece, […]

  • 4th Australian Digital Forensics Conference
  • 5 12 2006

    Perth, Western Australia - Marwan Al-Zarouni presented a paper highlighting the issues with mobile phone forensics at the 4th Australian Digital Forensics Conference held in Perth, Western Australia on the 4th of December 2006.The paper was titled “Mobile Handset Forensic Evidence: A challenge for Law Enforcement”.  This paper examined the nature of evidence on mobile phones and some of the […]

  • 21st NLC National Education Conference
  • 4 07 2006

    Perth, Western Australia - Mr. Marwan Al-Zarouni was the keynote speaker at the 21st Annual NLC National Education Conference held in Perth, Western Australia. Mr. Al-Zarouni’s speech was entitled “Idea of Power and the Power of Ideas”.
    This year was special for all international students in Australia because NLC turned 21! This year the theme for […]

  • Conference Explores E-Commerce Openings for UAE Women
  • 23 12 2002

    DUBAI, UAE - The senior students of E-Commerce and Business Information Technology Programme at Sharjah Women’s College (SWC) yesterday hosted a conference on ‘E-commerce opportunities for emirati women in the UAE’. Students from all the women’s colleges of Higher Colleges of Technology participated in the conference which also had panel discussions and lectures by eminent […]

  • Dubai Internet City Establishes Emirates Internet Association (EIA)
  • 3 07 2000

    Dubai, UAE - Dubai Internet City has announced the establishment of the Emirates Internet Association (EIA) which is the first such association in the UAE.
    His Highness Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum will chair the new association.Making the announcement today, Sheikh Maktoum said, “ Dubai Internet City is proud to announce the […]