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Dubai Internet City Establishes Emirates Internet Association (EIA)

3 07 2000

Dubai Internet City establishes Emirates Internet Association

Dubai, UAE - Dubai Internet City has announced the establishment of the Emirates Internet Association (EIA) which is the first such association in the UAE.
His Highness Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum will chair the new association.
Making the announcement today, Sheikh Maktoum said, “ Dubai Internet City is proud to announce the establishment of the Emirates Internet Association (EIA). The association is the first of it’s kind in the UAE and its mission will be to support and co-ordinate the usage of the Internet that will penetrate both individual and corporate information technology developments.”Sheikh Maktoum who gave an overview of the new association said, “the objectives will be to spread awareness and build interest in the use of the Internet, to educate and develop young people’s IT skills in conjunction with other educational institutions, to link people’s knowledge in this field by sharing and networking with each other, to provide the latest updates on world wide internet activities and to support the Arabic region as it steps into the information age.”

The temporary administrative office of the association will be opened at the new campus of the American University in Dubai, and the permanent base will be in new premises of Dubai Internet City by October and the association is planning to open other branches in future.Mr. Abdul Baset Al Janahi from Dubai Internet City who is vice-president of the association said that the members are meet this week and form a steering committee that will work on the procedures policies and by laws of the association.The board of directors consist of: His Highness Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the president of EIA, Abdul Baset Al Janahi the vice-president, Hesham Al-Qaizi, Board coordinator and the members are Nassir Hassan Al-Sheikh,Khalid Al-Gaith, Marwan Al-Naqi, Najla Al-Midfa, Aysha Butti, Hamad Abdullah, Marwan Al-Zarooni,Fahad Al Mahmood, Maryam Abdulrahman and Abdulrahman Al-Serkal.