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Conference Explores E-Commerce Openings for UAE Women

23 12 2002

DUBAI, UAE - The senior students of E-Commerce and Business Information Technology Programme at Sharjah Women’s College (SWC) yesterday hosted a conference on ‘E-commerce opportunities for emirati women in the UAE’. Students from all the women’s colleges of Higher Colleges of Technology participated in the conference which also had panel discussions and lectures by eminent business leaders from public and private sectors in Dubai and Sharjah.

Marwan Al Zarouni, the Web Development Team Leader at Emirates Internet Association, in his keynote address briefed the students on the history of the Internet in the UAE, statistics of online business, opportunity that internet creates for people in general and for women in business and home life.

The keynote address was followed by a panel discussion by eminent businessmen including Rashid Al Leem, Director-General of Hamriyah Free Zone, Khalid Al Kaf, General Manager at Etisalat4me, Salem Al Shair, Director of e-Services at e-Government, and Paul Kuruez, Curriculum leader at e-Commerce at HCT, who discussed several issues including the job opportunities that are available for emirati women specially for e-Commerce graduates.

An exhibition selling variety of products from different brands such as beauty, CDs and gifts was held alongside the conference, offering students the opportunity and importance of online business and its benefits for their business. In addition, the exhibition was aimed at exhibiting the skills of the emirati women in the area of e-Commerce and the various opportunities available to them in the field. A web store created for the SWC campus shop by students was also opened yesterday. Noor Al Qassimi, a year three student of e-Commerce programme at SWC, was honoured for designing the college web site.