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21st NLC National Education Conference

4 07 2006

Perth, Western Australia - Mr. Marwan Al-Zarouni was the keynote speaker at the 21st Annual NLC National Education Conference held in Perth, Western Australia. Mr. Al-Zarouni’s speech was entitled “Idea of Power and the Power of Ideas”.

This year was special for all international students in Australia because NLC turned 21! This year the theme for the conference was Student Representation, Student Support: Towards Better Welfare.

Mr. Al-Zarouni’s speech discussed the importance of meetings like NLC where people from different cultures discussed common issues effecting them. The importance of breaking cultural boundaries and enabling not agreement but rather understanding of others point of view was emphasized.

This NLC lecture discussed the current state of the world and the value of information in it. The aim of the lecture was to enable international students to gain a perspective on the news and global events that they might have not had before. Better understanding of global events will better equip international students and future leaders of corporations and nations in attacking the challenges that they might face in the information age.