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Marwan Al-Zarouni Speaks at the Second AISA Perth Branch Meeting

29 02 2008

Perth, Western Australia - Marwan Al-Zarouni was selected to be the speaker at the Australia Information Security Association (AISA) Perth Branch Meeting held on Tuesday 26 February 2008. Symantec sponsored the meeting including the venue, food and refreshments.

29 AISA members and their guests attended this meeting which was held in the Old Melbourne Hotel in Perth CBD. The meeting started with a welcome speech by Steve Schupp from AISA and Symantec. This was followed by Marwan Al-Zarouni’s speech and was followed by a question and answer session. Drinks and light snacks were presented after that to the attendees.

For more information about the meeting or to download the presentation please visit the meeting’s webpage below:


For information about future meetings of AISA please visit the events page at:


AISA Incorporated was formed in 1999. Branches exist in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and, from 2008, in Perth. AISA currently has more than 700 members. For more information about AISA or to join please visit the AISA website: