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5th Australian Digital Forensics Conference

4 12 2007

Perth, Western Australia - Marwan Al-Zarouni presented two conference papers at the 5th Australian Digital Forensics Conference held on the 3rd of December 2007. The first paper was titled “Introduction to Mobile Phone Flasher Devices and Considerations for their Usage in Mobile Phone Forensics“. It provided the attendants with an overview of mobile phone flasher devices and their use for servicing mobile phones, their illegitimate uses and their use in mobile forensics. The paper was contained under the “Mobile Forensics” stream of the conference. It was held in the main lecture hall of the conference and was attended by academics, law enforcement representatives, and University students from Australia and abroad.

The second paper was titled “A Proof-of-Concept Project for Utilizing U3 Technology in Incident Response” which was a research-in-progress paper based on Al-Zarouni’s award winning paper from last year’s conference titled “The Reality of Risks from Consented use of USB Devices“. It was written after feedback from a number of law enforcement agents who wanted to utilize the auto-run feature of the U3 Technology for live computer forensics. The paper was co-authored by Mr. Haitham Al-Hajri who conducted the forensic testing and tool selection for the paper. The paper serves as a foundation on which further development is required to produce a fully automated live forensics USB stick to be used by non-technical law enforcement officers attending to a digital crime scene.